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Hello, Friends Welcome To My Website Technical Operator If You Want To Learn About Technology Internet Tips And Tricks Then You Are In Right Website.
Here You Can Learn Basic to Advance Android/Internet/Computer Tips And Tricks Based In Urdu/Hindi.
What you will find on Technical Operator:
  1. 90% practical tips to create a blog & how to work on your website; the other 10% is for personal stories.
  2. Basic To Advance WordPress, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SMO (Social media Optimization) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques.
  3. A community of Tips & Tricks Tutorials.

Here at Technical Operator, I share everything about how to transform a blog into a business and bring home the bacon out of it.

I know life is too short to even consider living in dread and live another person’s life. So, I will teach you how to live like a lion in the world.

I like Wise love effortlessness and straightforwardness. Alongside Technical Operator, I am working on Technical Operator, for your best effort.

Which I have begun over the most recent years. I frequently rage and offer my victories and disappointments on Facebook.

Keep Visiting My Website And Keep Receiving Updates As New Posted. Every Week, Post Will Posted On Topics Related To The Internet And Computer Application.
Technical Operator, Will Give You Everything That You Need Internet or Computer Application All Post Will Be In English/Hindi.

Do you have to learn related things from digital marketing and blogging, tips & tricks, how to, technology?

So from now on, I will teach you to complete computer and complete relativity from mobile on this website. The Technical Operator website does not ask for any kind of money from you.

But here you can get free Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and Tips & Tricks, how – to, and all Computer Software and Mobile Tips And Tricks articles and tutorials and many more.

Technical Operator focuses on how to start a blog, Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media Optimization, Adsense, WordPress and everything that will help you become your master.

“We Are Operators Of Everything Like Internet And Technology, Blogging And Tips And Tricks”.

And here we will help you to Become you, Operator. So stay connected with the Technical Operator.

About My Self

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Name:- Muhammad Abuzar Afsar
E-Mail:- [email protected]

I am the founder of Technical Operator. My name is Muhammad Abuzar Afsar. I am from India in New Delhi. I am a Digital Marketer expert.

In my childhood, I loved computers very much. And at the same time, I have done many types of computer courses.

We are those people who will teach you free digital marketing, computer courses, technology, tips & tricks, free of charge.

And as you know we have a YouTube channel, its name is a Technical Operator in which we teach you all the free stuff through video.

Here I will teach you everything about digital marketing, tips & tricks and technology at all free of charge.

  • I have great experience in digital marketing
  • Here we will tell you about all the digital marketing content.
  • And in every article, I will give you a boost tip

Example:-Digital Marketing, Advance SEO, How To, Tips & Tricks, About Technology and many more.

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Now, That's It! See You Again, Operators!